Technical Equipment

  • Mobile/self-sufficient (multiparameter) instruments for measurements of all kinds in water body (temperature, salinity, oxygen, turbidity, pressure, pH amongst others)
  • Wave gauges
  • Water level and ground water level measuring instruments
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) – Current measurement instruments
  • Single-point current measurement devices
  • Suspended particle samplers
  • Equipment for sedimentation measurements
  • Soil sampling devices for surface and deep samples
  • Online-capable data acquisition systems
  • dinghy
  • Positioning System (GPS)
  • Levelling instruments

Laboratory and workshop works

  • Sieve and hydrometer analysis
  • Gravimetric analysis of suspended sediments
  • Physical water analysis
  • Bacterial tests (bathing water quality)
  • Chemical analysis (basic parameters)
  • Customised production of mounting devices
  • Welding and cutting works
Datenaufnahme an Bord

Data processing software

  • AutoCAD 2018 (Civil 3D)
  • Techplot – Graphics software for technical and scientific applications
  • Cremer – Surveying software
  • WISKI – Water and shipping authority’s wave gauge database system
  • SISKUE – WSA Strömungsdatenbanksystem
  • SISKUE – Water and shipping authority’s flow database system
  • SeaZone GeoTemporal Editor (HR Wallingford Ltd) analysis software
  • ADCP-Processing – Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) – analysing software
  • WMC 4.2 software for analysing waves in the time and frequency domain
  • MATLAB compatible software – GNU Octave
  • ParaView – data analysis and visualization application