the engineering office “Ingenieurbüro Manzenrieder/Witte” (IMW) was founded by Dr. Helmut Manzenrieder immediately after completion of his doctorate under the professorship of Prof. A. Führböter (Leichtweiß-Institute of TU Braunschweig). Initially the office was located at the home of the family Manzenrieder at Husbrok 27 in Oldenburg.


the office was renamed to “Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Manzenrieder und Partner” (IMP) and registered as a partnership under civil law (GbR) after the intended entry of Dr. H.-H. Witte did not happen.


the company seat moved to a dedicated office building at the Brookweg 29 in Oldenburg, where also the company Argus “Gesellschaft für Umweltmesstechnik mbH” (Argus) moved which was founded in 1990. At this time about five people worked for IMP.


Dr. Frank Spingat joined IMP as a senior employee after receiving his doctorate at the Leichtweiß-Institute of TU Brauschweig, too.


the positive development of the company required relocation to a bigger, newly erected company building at Bollmansweg 8 in Oldenburg where also the company Argus was domiciled until the transfer of its company seat to Ritterhude in Bremen in 2001. The companies share a close relationship since this period which has been reinforced by many joint projects and lasts until today.

Dr. Manzenrieder hands over the company to Dr. Frank Spingat

With continuous expansions of the range of activities as well as growing project scopes and requirements, the number of employees increased, too. The following specific projects are most notable:

  • Preservation of maritime evidence for the construction of the JadeWeserPort (since 2005)
  • Preservation of hydrodynamics evidence for the expansion of the sea channel in Rostock (1996 till 2001, since 2017)
  • Preservation of evidence of water temperature and pollutants for the construction of a coal-fired power plant at the Jade (since 2008)
  • Determination of ship-induced exposures in the rivers Weser and Elbe in the context of water way and harbour expansion projects (2001 till 2002, 2015 till 2017)
  • Planning of offshore cable routes in the Ems and Jade for cable connection of offshore wind parks (2009 till 2014)
  • Causal-analytical research on poor water quality in Hooksmeer (since 1993 till today with a long-term monitoring assignment) and in Banter Lake (2001 till 2014)
  • Planning approval procedure and project management for construction of the Sea Bridge Juist with a marina (2001 bis 2008)

The number of full-time employees at IMP varied between five and eight during this time, and additional part-time and auxiliary employees were hired according to demand.


Dr. Manzenrieder retired and handed over management of the engineering office to Dr. Spingat, who since then heads the office under a new name and new legal form as “IMP INGENIEURE GmbH & Co. KG”. Likewise the new company structure still provides its services as a completely independent office and sees itself as a flexible service provider with an extensive spectrum of activities pertaining to water.
Currently IMP employs four engineers and two full time technical workers, one secretary on a part-time basis and further auxiliary staff based on demand.